How to jump start an on line internet business?

A successful internet business can give the owners many options that are simply not possible with other businesses.

	1. you can live anywhere 
	2. you can travel full-time 
	3. low employee requirement
	4. low inventory requirement
	5. possible tax advantages
	6. the market place is global
	7. a physical store is not needed

An on line business needs a platform on which products and services may be offered or sold to the general public.

And the platform is very often the website itself.

The Dot-Com Bust killed nearly $1,000 billion dollars of investors money. How do we avoid it?
Start small and start also start many!
Begin with ready made sites

Advantages of using a template driven website.

	1. fast time to market.
	2. low cost
	3. You may launch multiple websites simultaneously and
	   subsequently only concentrate on the ones that perform the

A ready made sites can be had for as little as USD100. You will also need to add about 100 USD per annum for hosting and a minimum 800 USD for marketing.

By far the biggest expense is marketing and this includes search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and pay per click (PPC) e.g. google adwords. Therefore with 5,000 USD you can have 5 websites started in the first year!

A discussion of of ready made sites will not be complete without mentioning the problems/pitfalls associated with it.

Potential ready-made-sites buyer should be aware of the above. And if the advantages out weight the disadvantages then and ONLY THEN go full speed ahead!

About the author:
Jacob Liew