Any body who is familiar with boxing knows about the Queensberry Rules.

All lawyers must know about the Rules of the High Court or the Rules on Etiquete.

One day in a Juvenile Court sitting, I was baffled by the Court attire Rules when the Magistrate rejected the defence counsel for being improperly attired.

Why? The defence counsel looked very properly attired to me: clean shaven, neat suit and hair cut, good shoes and even a “James Bond” like suitcase.

Counsel, why are you wearing a red tie?”

“Your Honour, it is not a red tie.”

Yes, it is a red .”

Your Honour, it is a maroon.”

No, is is loud and red as a ferrari.”

Your Honour, it is a moody maroon.”

No, I would not allow it . It has to be subdued (but what colour is a subdued colour?). Go and change before you appear before me.” The Magistrate barked.

Your Honour, I urge the Court to reconsider. This tie is mulberry, it is only...”. By this time, the young counsel was getting rather crimson on his face but the Magistrate's was visibly darkened.

Whether you call it maroon or dark red or what not, it is unacceptable to me. Get it?”

In that case can I ask for stand down to borrow my client's tie?”

All the lawyers turned and looked at the young defendant in the dock and all looked aghast. The guy was a 15 year old school boy in uniform wearing a bright green tie!

I, together with other counsels then left the court room and sighed. Thank God we don't have to put on ties.



Liew Shau Jin (ABS)