CDC POP3 E-mail General Guidelines

  1. Supposing you are given the folowing:
    e-mail user name: jacob.liew
    e-mail address:
    SMTP (outgoing) server:
    POP3 (incoming) server:
    Mail server aliases: first, one

  2. The e-mail user name is case sensitive and it is always in lower case.

  3. The e-mail address is not case sensitive. I.e. you can use

  4. The e-mail aliases means that you could use any one or more of the following e-mail addresses:
    Therefore, you could give for business associates, and for personal friends.

  5. How to change Password?
    - telnet to POP3 (incoming) server, e.g.
    - enter your user name and password
    - The system prompts you with 2 options
      1. Change password
      2. Exit
    - Press 1
    - Key in your current password
    - Key in your new password
    - Key in your new password again to confirm
    - Press 2 to exit

  6. E-mail aliases list
    POP3 server Aliases