Download Software

Version: 0.52
Size: 324 KB
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT.
PuTTy copyrught 1997-2001 Simon Tatham

Star Office 5.2

Star Office 5.2 (FREE)
Version: 5.2
Size:  80 MB
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT.


Eudora Light (FREE)
Version: 3.0.6
Size: 4.50 MB
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT.
Eudora Light is an extremely popular e-mail package.

Version: 2.2.10
Size: 4.50 MB


Pegasus Mail (FREE) Version: 3.11 Size: 3.08 MB Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT. Pegasus Mail is an excellent e-mail package that can be used in a wide range of environments, and which has special support for Novell Netware LANs.

Version: 2.0
Size: 1.35 MB
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT 
FreeFTP is a drag-and-drop multiple-file transfer 
FreeWay FTP (FREE)
Version: 2.0
Size: 250 Kb
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT.
FreeWay FTP is an FTP client and server with the
unique feature of allowing you to transfer files
between remote hosts, or between directories on 
the same remote host, without having to first 
have the files copied to your computer.
Version: 1.0.919 beta
Size: 277 Kb
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT, 
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.
SmartFTP is a full-featured FTP client with an 
Explorer-style interface.  It can resume broken
file transfers, and remote server-to-server 
transfers (FXP). Proxy servers are supported, 
along with multiple connections and background 
file transfers. 

Download Accelerator (FREE)
Version: 3.5
Size: 795 Kb
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT
Download Accelerator speeds up file downloads 
by using more than one connection to download 
fragments of the file. Once downloaded, 
the pieces are automatically re-assembled.
Go!Zilla (FREE)
Version: 3.5
Size: 1.69 MB
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT
Go!Zilla allows you to reliably download files
at any time of the day. Features include: the 
ability to automatically connect to and 
disconnect from the Internet, browser 
integration, download management and installation,
a network performance graph, the ability to 
schedule recurring downloads, intelligent switching
between mirror sites, automatic virus scanning 
support, and download logging.
JetCar (FREE)
Version: 0.65 beta
Size: 321 Kb
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT 
JetCar splits files in order to speed up their
downloading time. The program splits files into
many parts and downloads them all at the same 
time. This method gives you high downloading speed. 
Mass Downloader (FREE)
Version: 1.1
Size: 267 Kb
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT.
Mass Downloader uses multiple connections to 
download a single file from the Internet, making
it one of the fastest download programs available.
Mass Downloader divides an integrated download
process into multiple connections. As a result, 
one connection controls the download task itself, 
while the other connections are utilized to 
download the target file simultaneously.
Net Vampire (FREE)
Version: 3.3
Size: 808 Kb
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT.
Net Vampire is a reliable file downloading 
utility.  It includes a built-in ZIP viewer 
and extractor.

Version: 99a beta 2.22 build 1800
Size: 4.01 MB
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT. 
ICQ (32-bit) lets you communicate with other
users who are online by chatting, sending 
messages, sending e-mail, exchanging files, 
playing games, and more.
MediaRing Talk 99 (FREE)
Version: 6.5
Size: 4.07 MB
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98, 16 MB of RAM, 
sound card with microphone.
MediaRing Talk 99 is an Internet telephone 
software package that lets you make free long
distance and international calls from your PC.
You can speak directly with other people, 
who also have MediaRing Talk 99 installed.

Acrobat reader 5.05 english for windows 98 (FREE)
 Arcorbat reader 5.05

RealPlayer G2 (FREE) Version: Update 2 Size: 5.57 MB Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT RealPlayer provides one-click access to daily news and entertainment channels broadcast from around the Web. You can also search for audio and video clips.